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Quantitative Economics

Course Description

This is a compulsory third-year course for the undergraduate degree programme, Bachelor of Social Science (Economics major), conduct by the School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The course aims to familiarize the students with the concepts and applications of various mathematical and statistical tools often used in basic economics research. Aside from data collections and presentations and also descriptive statistics, the contents include normal distribution, confidence interval estimation, hypothesis testing for mean of one or two populations as well as analysis of variance (ANOVA for two or more populations). Correlation and regression analysis will be carried out for simple linear regression and multiple regression. The use of time series analysis and the formation of index number will also be covered in this course.

The course will revolve around this required textbook (main reference):
Keller, G. 2012. Managerial Statistics. 9th ed. South-Western Cengage Learning: Mason.


  • To differentiate between descriptive and inferential statistics
  • To apply statistical analysis and techniques in solving economics problems
  • To develop model and analyse economics variables
  • To analyse economics problems and issues through quantitative perspective
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